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Entrepreneurial Leadership & Strategic Thinking
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This program is tailored to meet the needs of those visionaries determined to design their own future and be in charge of their own success.

Strategic thinking is a disciplined effort to produce fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what an organization is and what it does, with a focus on a predetermined future. It is a process of determining and envisioning the future to which you aspire and the growth you will have to realize to achieve that future state.

As an entrepreneur, you will need to concern yourself with visionary activities, planning, and leading people. As the leader for your business, people look to you for direction, coaching, guidance, support, decisions, and leadership stability. You now must decide what needs to be done to succeed and then you must do it - and do it the right way.

Entrepreneurial leadership requires a vision combined with the passion and commitment to pursue it. It also requires a willingness to change, to learn, to become, and to take calculated risks.

To do all this takes developing a strategy and implementation plan which will contribute to long-term sustainable success.

Key areas covered include:

  • Basic Foundation
  • Vision and values
  • Values and principles
  • External assessment
  • Internal appraisal
  • Mission statement
  • Critical Goal Categories
  • Market and sales plan
  • Implementation