Strategic Services

Framing Change serves its clients in three ways:

  1. Corporate services which include business strategy processes, change management consultation, professional development programs and seminars, and other customized processes aimed at helping an organization fulfill its vision and operate at peak levels. (click here for more info...)

  2. Coaching services provide individual, one-on-one, professional/personal development programs focused on and responsive to the unique needs of the person being coached. Processes such as leadership, management development, personalized strategic plans, and time strategies are all adapted to fit the client's profile and needs. The client sets the goals, articulates the dreams, and the coach assists in making them achievable and real. (click here for more info...)

  3. Faith-based Programs Framing Change offers a unique program of planning and development services for synagogues, churches, other faith-based organizations, their leaders and boards of directors. It focuses on the special challenges facing clergy and executives of religiously-based organizations who are often simultaneously: CEO's of complex agencies; educators; family counselors; fund-raisers; strategic planners; community role models; spouses; parents; and pastoral guides to name but a few. This multiplicity of roles requires skills, new knowledge bases, management insights, leadership techniques, and practices quite different from those taught in seminaries. Time management strategies, decision-making styles, relationships with Boards of Directors, negotiating skills, and other critical areas are covered in confidential coaching processes. The results are enhanced performance and greater professional satisfaction. (contact me for more info...)

Who do we serve? Individuals and Organizations Seeking Improved Results

Our clients range from small, family-owned operations through divisions of national corporations. In the nonprofit sector, we have helped philanthropic agencies, independent schools, YM-YWHA's, social welfare agencies, community federations, and faith-based organizations.

These are all companies that recognized the gap between where they were and where their vision told them they want and ought to be. That is the definition our primary target market.

Similarly, coaching clients are those people who wish to intensify the professional growth process and seize the opportunity to work on targeted areas. As a professional coach, Ellen Bayer provides structured interaction and directed communication around issues driven by the client's needs, not the coach's agenda.

Clients range from individuals seeking to move up the corporate ladder; professionals who are 'stuck' in the middle; and those at the top who seek an outside observer to provide honest feedback.

Core Values

We believe that each individual has great value and the capacity to continuously learn, grow, develop and achieve success and fulfillment.

Framing Change approaches its work with clear, consistently high expectations of ourselves and our clients to conduct themselves with integrity, honesty, and dedication to mutually-agreed upon goals.

We believe that helping others to improve their lives and businesses, enhances the broader society in which we live and adds to the quality of life for all. It helps us to grow and be enriched by interacting with diverse groups, cultures, and individuals.

We are committed to systems of mutual respect and civil discourse. A sense of humor is an essential element to gain perspective and have fun.

Learning occurs with the free interaction of minds and ideas in a nonjudgmental environment and through multiple intelligences and sense. Each of us takes in information in unique ways using different combinations of our visual, auditory, and kinesthetic attributes. Through openness to all of these channels, our understanding is deepened and our knowledge expanded.

Our high quality materials are delivered in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

We guarantee satisfaction with all of our programs.

How We Work

A [S+K] + GOALS = PBC -> IR

Attitudes times Skills & Knowledge plus Goals equals Positive Behavioral Changes and sustainable Improved Results.

Framing Change operates on a unique, values-based formula to achieve its results. We believe that before any lasting behavioral changes can take place, the underlying attitudes that shape values and beliefs, need to be identified and articulated. This allows us to expand on the positive/strengthening attitudes and adds them to new skills and knowledge for reinforcement and motivation. We then add goals developed through own 10 step proprietary process and, thus, create the positive behavioral changes that will support the desired improved results.