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Welcome to Framing Change!

Welcome to our Framing Change homepage. We are glad that you have stopped by for a visit. Stay a minute and learn a little about us.

What is Framing Change? We are a strategic change management and executive development company dedicated to helping organizations and individuals be inspired to excellence.

We are a results-driven and goal-oriented consulting firm that can guide you and your company through the waters of change; successfully navigating the currents and charting customized solutions to fit your needs.

We are dedicated to creating sustainable results in productivity, performance and profitability by giving you the tools, insights, and experiences that you need.

We work with corporate, nonprofit, and public sector organizations as well as providing one-on-one executive coaching for individuals who are seeking to fulfill their true potential.

We develop people and help them achieve their dreams.

We develop organizations and help them fulfill their visions.

Learn how you and your business can achieve results that will enhance your bottom line and build successful organizations... with satisfied customers and employees adding value and values.

The ABC's of the personalized services of Framing Change can help you:

     Achieve greater productivity

     Build effective and innovative leadership

     Create strategic business plans

     Develop your leadership and management potential

     Expand your markets

     Find a better balance between work and personal life

     Generate more revenue

What makes us different?

Using a values-based, positive approach that builds on your strengths, not your weaknesses, we work on changing attitudes and behaviors that create barriers to success and then give you the knowledge and tools necessary to achievement.

Framing Change is committed to the idea that sharing knowledge, expanding skills, and developing people through a process, over time, creates thinking that is focused on sound business solutions and produces concrete action plans for their achievement.

Small and large companies have benefited from utilizing this approach that has been validated in over thirty years of application. Companies have recorded increases in productivity, performance, and profits well into the double digits. Individuals have experienced increases in productivity of over 40% through experiencing personalized coaching processes.